Three-Day Workshop

Join us on our next three-day Radical Collaboration® workshop in Copenhagen on

February 28 – 29 and March 17 2020

You will learn about the five collaborative skills that can help you build successful relationships and create a high level of psychological safety in your relations, in your teams and in your organisation.

You will learn how to create Green Zone Communication.

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Collaborative Intention helps you handle your defences and trains you in how to avoid triggering other people’s defences. If you can handle your defences you keep your wits in critical situations.

Openness helps you commit to a climate that allows people in your relationships to feel safe enough to discuss concerns, solve problems and deal directly with difficult issues. You learn to listen to other people. You get tools to make other people listen to you.

Self-awareness and awareness of others gives insight into your own preferences around three parameters in your collaboration with others, Inclusion, Control and Openness. To which extent do you wish to include others and to which extent do you wish others to include you. To which extent do you wish to control others and to which extent do you wish others to control you. To which extent do you wish to open up to others and to which extent do you wish others to open up to you. It comes with a personal test that gives you an insight into your own and your team members preferences on the three parameters. It gives you a map of the teams preferences and a knowledge about your team members preferences that you can act upon, when you collaborate.

Interest-based problem solving is a method that helps you solve problems by identifying peoples interests in the solution. More often than not we jump to conclusions without having fully explored our options. Starting with mapping the interests behind the problem gives us a chance to create better and more sustainable solutions.

Self-accountability makes you aware of the fact that you have a choice. It trains you in taking responsibility for your actions. Stand up for your opinions. Ask qustions, when you have doubts.

Information about the workshop

  • Place: Dampfærgevej 27, 2100 Copenhagen
  • Date: February 28 – 29 and March 17 2020 from 9.00 – 17.00
  • Price: 17.000 DKK exclusive of VAT and inklusive of coffee/tea/water, lunch and cake
  • Trainer: Thomas Elkjaer

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