Leadership Training

We tailor Leadership Training to your needs.

We do basic training with Direct Leadership® to create a common language around leadership in your organisation.

Direct Leadership® is a model that describes leadership as deliverables. It gives you 7 roles and 4 styles to act on as a leader.

It serves as a great baseline before you engage in an agile transformation changing from Predict & Control Management to Servant Leadership.

We also do tailored workshops training leaders in creating psychologically safe environments. Leaders have a huge responsibility in building psychologically safe environments. We base our training on Amy Edmondsons research with inspiration from Direct Leadership®, Radical Collaboration®, Management 30 and Laloux.

  • We start with an assessment of your team(s). We establish a baseline
  • We help you set the stage, and how to frame the work and communicate the purpose
  • We train in how to invite your employees to participate. Show humility and failability, inquire without triggering defenses, involvement in building the culture
  • We pratice how you respond productively. How you appreciate your employees, accept failure as a condition when working with complex products and how to be a referee

Read more about Direct Leadership® here and contact us to hear more about how we can help your leaders adapt to the VUCA world.