Thomas Elkjær

Thomas has worked with project management and product development since the mid 1990-ties. He first stumbled upon agile around 2008. He got instantly hooked on Scrum and have since helped a number of people, teams and organisations create better workplaces and more effective teams by working in whatever agile way that was the best fit.

He holds certifications in different agile stuff and has spiced up the agile ways working with models like Direct Leadership® and Radical Collaboration®.

If you ever meet him and get him started talking about agile, you will most likely hear one of his favourite quotes by H. L. Mencken:

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

Don’t expect any quick fixes if you hire him. Don’t expect a detailed project plan.

You can read more about his past work on Linkedin.

You can reach Thomas on 0045 22171672 or

Vibeke Ladas

Vibeke has a long career with medical research behind her and therefore a structured mind and a keen sense of details. She has changed her path and does all the graphic work i.e. drawing posters and whatever material is needed in Ithelco.

If you need help with your analogue materials – no we don´t do much powerpointing – give Vibeke a ping.

She doesn’t care much about Linkedin, so don’t be too disappointed if you find her profile to be half punctured.

You can reach Vibeke on 0045 50880526 and