Maybe you have experienced the truth in the fact that Scrum is lightweight, easy to understand and difficult to master. Mayby you struggle with scaling agile like everybody else. Don’t give up. Keep inspecting and adapting. Be transparent, and give us a call if you need help in your agile transformation.

Radical Collaboration

True collaboration is a prerequisite for self-organising. Do you want true collaboration in your teams? Radical Collaboration has the tools and the test to help your teams become masters of collaboration. If you want the full Radical Collaboration course plan for three days. We also do tailor-made one-day and two-day workshops.

Direct Leadership

A lot of managers don’t really know what they are doing. It’s a tough call, I know, and to be more fair let’s settle with the fact that managers don’t have a common framework or language around what they are (supposed to be) delivering as managers in the organisation. Direct Leadership gives you exactly that.